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AFC Brussels

AFC Brussels, short for Academics for Companies, was founded to give students the opportunity to develop professional skills and to stimulate entrepreneurship. We base ourselves on three pillars for this: Events, Workshops and Experience.

‘Explore’ is the first phase in the AFC Concept and focuses on the exploring of what you want and what you are passionate about. Students with an interest in entrepreneurship can explore this innovative, creative and thrilling world. Throughout the year we organize events about various subjects, to ensure we have something for everyone.

In our ‘Learn’ phase we want to offer a complement on top of the academic courses of the students. Therefore, we organize a bunch of interactive workshops, bundled into a ‘Track’, where students can improve their soft skills. Thanks to the wide variety of topics, there is something interesting for every motivated student. By participating you get better at vital skills that will be useful for every future career.

The ‘Experience’ branch, which stands for the ‘Apply’ phase, is by far the place for students to really put their theory into practice. AFC offers the possibility to participate in a ‘Student Consulting Project’ or we can help you get an internship at an exciting startup. Next to this, we offer throughout the semester other challenges for students that want to prepare themselves for their careers by working on an AFC project and get into contact with companies already.


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