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Lisbon Street Art Tours

We are an all women-project and enthusiastic team from different parts of the world. Passionate about art and street art, we focus on the street art and graffiti scene within Lisbon. Through our walking tours, we want to immerse you into the history, styles and techniques of many (inter)national street artists.


The idea is to share our knowledge and bring awareness about the political, economic, and social issues that give rise to Lisbon’s street art and graffiti. We know most of the street-artists of Lisbon and want people to know about them too. Enjoy and participate in this cultural and immersive dialogue based on the edu-tainment principle, which means having fun while learning something new.



Taking our tours makes you contribute to the art-scenery of Lisbon as part of the money earned goes to our yesyoucan.spray collective (www.yesyoucanspray.com). We organize paint sessions and workshops with artists from Lisbon, based in or just passing through.



For more information about the open tour, our collective or to book a private tour please contact us:

(+351) 920 232 229




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