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State of Things - Ilke Cop

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Book your spot for the exhibition "State of Things" by Ilke Cop at K.L.8.

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While we still have to wait to open our doors for the group exhibition "BruocsellA" at K.L.8, we invited the participating artists to solo-exhibitions at our space.

Ilke Cop shows several large paintings and a new installation during "State of Things". Taking on questions surrounding the position of ‘the female’ and the role of women as people, artists and historical agents, Cop's practice creates a fictional universe where the laws and causal relationships that shape our society no longer apply.

Traditional techniques of oil painting and art history are embraced to venture into a new visual language of conceptually layered images. She likes to play with the innate desire for beauty, seduction and narrative to guide the viewer's eye.


Ilke's work will be shown from 20 until 24 May 2021, open each day from 11h until 20h. You can book your spot here for the opening on 19 May 2021, starting at 16h. Due to COVID-restrictions, we limit the amount of visitors and can only allow for a 30 minute visit.

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