COMING HOME: A 6-week online program to build self-trust through meditation

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Start or grow your personal meditation practice and learn how to bring yourself home whenever, wherever.

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• You find it challenging to sit with your thoughts & feelings.

• You feel the world is often too much for you. 🤯

• You feel your own validation isn’t good enough and tend to seek validation from others first. Only then you can validate your own. Oh, and the slightest criticism will throw you right back into the self-doubt loop.

• You find yourself fighting or avoiding your emotions rather than working with them.

• You often feel like you’re not good enough. For this person you feel like you might be too much. For that person you feel like you might be too less.

• You’re always reaching for the next best thing out there to bring you joy & fulfillment. Short-lived joy & fulfillment that is, unfortunately. 😔

• You find yourself judging others a lot. When seeing those happy dances on TikTok and IG you might go like ‘Ugh… life is more than cute dances attention seekers!’

• You feel like you're catching up with life rather than living it.


• You’ve tried meditating before but can’t seem to stick to your practice. Maybe you don’t know how to build one. Or perhaps you’re not sure if you’re doing it right.

• You’ve never tried meditating before because you’re not sure if it is for you and how it could possibly help you.

• You’re too busy to meditate.

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And sometimes still am. Yes, I hate to break it to you, it’s not a one-shot deal. And that’s EXACTLY why I designed this program carefully and thoughtfully for you, wondrous one. ✨

Rooting for you throughout your healing journey and handing you all the tools you need to heal yourself. Because only YOU can truly heal YOU.

No quick fixes. It’s the real work here. Going into dark waters and bringing to light what’s been secretly driving your behavior. To do what with it? Get rid of it? No, I’m afraid not, dearest. It’s part of you and will keep on being a part of you. Embracing the fact that that is also a part of you, that’s what we’ll be focusing on. Because there’s a lot of fake self-love out there. Truly loving yourself means loving ALL of you. And only then you can TRULY and FULLY send your unconditional love out into the world. Without it draining you. It’s a limitless kind of love. Immeasurable. And the world will reciprocate. 💓

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Starting where you are, you’ll create space in the midst of your busy life with online meditation classes designed to help you tune into the present moment. You'll be exploring your inner world breath by breath and peeling back the layers to truly be able to see yourself as you are, a wondrous being experiencing life; beautiful scars and weird traits included. Embracing all that makes you ‘you’ and knowing that underneath all those layers of confusion you’re inherently okay and good as is.

And this sense of wholeness brings about a deep, unbreakable trust. Trusting that whatever's coming your way, you will be okay, because you know how to bring yourself back home. Trusting that you are highly capable to do whatever your heart desires. And this deep felt trust will bring about a newfound curiosity for you to go and explore new grounds, take more risks in life and although some things will still scare you, you will know how to feel the fear and do it anyway. Fully owning your life, darling! 🎉

From wherever you are, you can experience the sense of steadiness and the energy of connection that comes from meditating in community.

Join us when class begins or access the recording of the class later - whatever works for your schedule. Using Google Meet, you'll be able to sign in from anywhere for a 1-hour sit together in which we'll dive into different topics, meditation techniques and sharing circles.

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Weekly 1-hour live sit together which includes:

- TALK on the topic of the week

- SIT in meditation together

- SHARE optional sharing circle

- DO sweet exercise to take your on-the-cushion-practice into your daily life

Each week we’ll dive into a new topic facilitating you to gradually unblock yourself, build self-trust and enter a new state of being. It’s time to live the life of your wildest dreams!

Guided meditation recordings sent to you each week to get your personal practice going.

• Weekly 30 min check-in call with me & your intimate tribe in which we learn to hold space for one another, share how it’s going and tackle any pain points you might be experiencing. Also, a perfect time to ask me all your burning questions.

Exclusive inspirational prompts personally delivered to your Whatsapp to cheer you on and keep you connected to your heart in your daily life. 💛

• Being supported by a loving community of likeminded souls in which you feel seen, heard and valued.

BONUS: 6 weeks of free access to Hooray Heartspace Community Sits on Tuesdays.

Optional: 1-on-1 private mentoring with me.


“Coming home” will start in the week of the 25th of October and end in the week of 29th of November.


6 weeks of inner exploration are awaiting you and dying to bring you home. Your future self is proud already! 🔥

• The timing of the weekly sit togethers starting in the week of the 25th of October will be determined by you! After enrollment I’ll send out a poll to see which time suits you best.

• There is a practice requirement of 15 minutes of meditation per day. I’m committed to establishing meditation as a beneficial practice in your life, but it’s a two-way street. I can’t do it alone! You, being consistent with the practice is key to reaping all those sweet benefits. 🍯

Rates include the 6 live classes, 6 pre-recorded guided meditations to get and keep your personal practice going throughout the program, 6 check-in calls with me & your intimate tribe and exclusive inspirational prompts to keep you connected to your heart throughout the day, personally delivered to your Whatsapp.

• Additional 1-on-1 private mentoring if you feel like you need more guidance & support throughout the program. No need to decide right now, you can book one whenever you want. These are not included in the standard rate.


The rate for this 6-week program is €333.

• No convincing you with huge discounts and all else that marketeers throw at you these days. This is it. A true and honest price. Take it or leave it.

• I am however committed to working with individuals’ financial needs. Send me an email (hey@hoorayheartspace.com) to enquire further about payment plans and reduced rates if needed.

• Oh, and to show my gratitude to the first 2 subscribers 🙏🏽 🙏🏽 🙏🏽, I’m offering them a free 1-on-1 with me during the program.


Live – No prerecorded videos, our sit togethers happen live. We get to feel each other’s energy and lift each other up. Amazing what group energy can do to you. And yes, our electromagnetic vibes are strong enough to be felt through virtual space. 😏

Intimate setting – Being part of a small tribe within the bigger community offers you a safe setting where you can freely express yourself. We’re growing our self-trust here after all, aren’t we? So, I’m convinced that getting comfortable expressing yourself in smaller groups will pave the way for your growth. And just maybe, you might find a genuine friend to walk the spiritual path with.👯‍♂️

Accountability – You know, you’re all committed and doing well… and then life happens… Also, you should be aware that doing this kind of great work takes courage and might cause some serious side effects like, well uhm, RADICAL CHANGE! 💥 So, you can count on your resistance mind to try and get the better of you. That’s why keeping you in check and cheering you on is a vital part of this program. You’ll thank me later. ˘ ◡˘

High-level commitment – I’m highly committed to making meditation an established practice in your life so you can reap all the benefits and start living the life of your wildest dreams, but I want to make it clear that I can’t do this alone! You need to be willing to put in the work. Just like you will not magically get a superhero body by being a couch potato, you will not activate your inner superpowers ⚡️⚡️⚡️ unless you’re committed to showing up for yourself on a daily basis. All I ask is a 15 min sit per day. This is a non-negotiable, so if that seems impossible for you, then please don’t sign up. 🙅‍♀️ You might be taking the place of someone else who is full on ready and committed to making some radical changes in their life. Please be considerate!


To keep you going after the program I’m offering you to join our weekly community sits for free until the end of the year! Merry Christmas ˘ ◡˘


I understand this reasoning, I’ve had it many times as well. It’s a natural initial reaction. But allow me to get real here for a second and ask you a few questions:

€333/6 weeks = €55,5/week

• How about you see this as an investment in yourself that will lead you to living a vibrant life in which you’ll thrive, and you don’t go looking for things, but things just flow to you. YES, baby. That life is waiting for you. 🏄‍♀‍

• I know that you won’t be as committed if it’s a free course. You’ll just back out before it has even started. Been there. Sorry not sorry. I value my time and effort. I know my value. ⚡

• How much do you pay your therapist per week? Or doctors even? Your mind heals your body, and your body heals your mind, and then we didn’t even get started on the soul. You’ll be stunned when you start experiencing what mind-body-soul alignment brings you. 😲

• When you look back at all the courses you’ve taken, was there one that has brought you zero value? NO. So, really what’s the risk? 🤔

• Tune into feeling empowered and being able to fully trust yourself in that whatever life throws at you, you’ll be okay. Because you know how to bring yourself home whenever, wherever. Going through life knowing this, feeling this, embodying this, I can assure you, it’s a different life. A free life. A high-vibing life. An abundant life. What would THAT be worth to you? 💓✨


Doubting if this is something for you? Have questions? Want to get a feel of my energy before you commit? I’m here! Reach out to me by email hey@hoorayheartspace.com or by DM @hoorayheartspace so we can get talking and see if we match!

		COMING HOME: A 6-week online program to build self-trust through meditation image


With her vibrant and loving energy Gaëtane speaks from her heartspace and cheers on your practice. Her transformational healing journey started with and continues to be primarily meditation focused. Years into her personal practice, she went off to Thailand to deepen her practice while living alongside the monks of the Wat Pa Tam Wua Buddhist temple. She continued studying and practicing with Vipassana teacher George Haas and completed a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation course as taught by S.N. Goenka. Enamored with the practice and eager to explore other traditions, Gaëtane continued her studies with Tibetan Buddhist teacher Lodro Rinzler and became a certified mindfulness teacher. Committed to her path she continues studying with Lodro widening her scope and further deepening her personal practice. As a firm believer of a multi-faceted approach, she doesn’t leave a stone unturned and dives into various self-healing practices to bring you her deepest, sincerest and most transformative learnings. You will feel warmly guided and supported in her classes.


“Gaëtane is a wonderful and joyful meditation instructor. She uses her deep knowledge of Buddhist teachings to help her students in their daily lives, and she does it with a light and playful touch. I can’t wait to sit with her again.” – Nate, NYC

“A guided meditation with Hooray Heartspace is like walking into a free, calm, non judgmental space. Gaëtane is an excellent guide, teaching you how to meditate but also the 'science' behind it. Hooray Heartspace creates a space where you’re free to relax and open yourself up to likeminded individuals - even for those who are not used to meditation or sitting still.” – Yasmin, Antwerp

“I usually meditate on my own and I never thought about doing a group guided meditation, I'm a very socially anxious person, and I've been avoiding group activities my entire life. Gaëtane really took my hand and literally guided me through one of the most intense moments I had through meditation, it helped me realize so many things that were hidden in my subconscious, I know this is subjective and other people might react to things differently, but I would definitely recommend at least trying it, you never know where it will lead you.” – Sam, Valencia

“Gaëtane teaches you about meditation and the impact on your body, mind and life in a light, playful way and guides you step by step through the sit with her calm, soft voice. Looking forward to the next one!” – Elke, Antwerp

“After having witnessed from up close how Gaëtane overcame her own struggles I couldn't be more psyched to join her on a journey of meditation and self-care. I started with semi private sessions in the most incredible hidden gem in Antwerp to center myself. Every time I entered the studio I felt like every event of the day was still lingering in every heartbeat and she didn't fail to calm me down through her practices. I am now using a lot of her techniques in my day-to-day life. And now that she has started a new journey abroad I’m pleasantly surprised that her online practices have the same effect. It’s as if she is there in the room with me. If you struggle with keeping your thoughts in place, or you believe that meditation is not for you because you can’t seem to focus, I strongly recommend you to try one of her sessions! You will not be disappointed!” – Naïri, Antwerp

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Creating a loving space to heal in community and build self-trust through meditation practice. ˘ ◡˘

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