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Learn the basics of data analysis -- one of the most popular jobs in the tech community!

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We are honored to present you the first edition of the Wild Code Day, a day filled with workshops, talks and some other surprises!

The Wild Code Day is divided into 3 Tracks - Data Analysis, Product Management and Web Development! To end the day, we will have a Tech panel on the Tech job openings in 2021.

Let's meet on the 2 February at 11 am (CET) for the Data Analysis program! To end the day, we will have a Tech panel on the Tech job openings in 2021.

‍🎓 Program - what will you learrn?

How valuable data is used to make decisions in any type of business or organization

The key to design your plans to take the right steps to be successful!

Chat with Data Analysis Experts

🕵️ Our Expert Panel

Rita Goncalves, Marketing Data Specialist at Fujitsu

Data Analysis Expert from Keyrus

📖 Agenda

11 am - 11:20 am - Welcome to Wild Code Day!

11:20 am - 1 pm - Wild Workshop : Keyrus

1 pm - 2 pm - Wild Talk: Rita Goncalves, Wild Code School alumni

⚠️ Pre-requisites

The Wild Code Day is for anyone, beginners are welcome!

👨‍💻Live Video Session

Join the Live video session by:

Using headphones & a microphone

Connecting via Zoom

The registration is free!

We look forward to seeing you online :)

Wild Code School Team

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