Address your limiting beliefs to live & work at your best

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Online talk and networking sessions - Time to take a step towards getting over your limiting beliefs and reaching your full potential!

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Are you working from a laptop? Remote worker, digital nomad, freelancer or entrepreneur? Do you feel like you haven't reached your full potential?

Come join us for an hour to start addressing your limiting beliefs in order to move towards more freedom, well-being and productivity!

Towards living at your full potential!

Limiting believes are convictions that you think to be true and limit you in some way. These limiting believes can be about you, the way you work, your interactions with other people, or with the world and how it works. They keep you from making good choices, taking new opportunities. In general, they keep you from reaching your potential. Ultimately, they get you stuck in a negative state of mind and hinder you from living the life you truly desire.

During this special event organized by flOasis, guest speaker Christina Voll, founder of Rise Remotely, will share her insights and tips on how to start addressing these beliefs so you can build the life that is right for you.

A word from Christina

"This session will help you address and overcome common limiting beliefs encountered on the journey to remote work success. The practical step-by-step process and exercises will equip you with the tools to address, overcome and rise above your limiting beliefs. Whether you’re an established or aspiring freelancer, remote worker, or online business owner, this session is designed to help you navigate through all the ups and downs of remote work, and help you arrive at your desired destination of location independence and ease."

About the event


- Talk from Christina Voll - addressing your limiting beliefs

- Testimonies from remote workers and digital nomads

- Networking Sessions - time to connect and exchange with the other attendees in small groups

The speaker: Christina Voll

CEO & Founder of Rise Remotely, Digital Marketing Consultant and Mentor, Christina helps people to change their lives by working remotely and establishing a unique online presence.

The organizer: flOasis

flOasis is a booking platform and a community of like-minded people empowering you to live & work at your best. They connect remote workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs... with the most inspiring network of accommodations fostering well-being, connection and productivity. Their booking platform is live at and you can join the community on

In practice

- When: July 29nd at 6:30pm CET

- Where: Online - zoom meeting

- Cost: 100% free

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Organisateur flOasis

Organisateur de Address your limiting beliefs to live & work at your best

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