An Exhibition by Ines Thora

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"An Exhibition by Ines Thora" shows recent, new experiments which Thora has been working on for the past couple of months.

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For her exhibition at K.L.8, Ines Thora is showing a new parcours in her artistic practice which she is still intensely exploring. The elements she has used and created in her paintings over the past years are up for discussion in her latest works. Painted marks and pencil lines used to dictate her images, which are now being amplified or even traded for sewn elements that have recently been introduced in her visual language. The paint is slowly being replaced with the actual material of the canvas: fabric and thread. The “voids” she fills and creates in her work are still present, but gain a new appearance without losing the sensitivity and delicacy which draws us into her artistic world. 

We would like to invite you to come to see and discuss Thora’s new quest into her intrinsic world of painting. 

You are cordially invited to the opening of the exhibition on 10 August 2021, 18h until 22h at Paul Michielsstraat 50, 1090 Jette. Afterwards, the exhibition will be open from 11 until 15 August 2021, 13h until 18h, or by appointment. 

 About the work of Ines Thora 

Ines Thora’s work is a direct translation of her abstract persona, a representation of her inner world as it comes to her while painting. As her work is formed by her feelings and intuition at the moment of creation, Thora doesn’t like to further explain her work to retain its universality. The language she uses attempts to convey that which cannot be verbalized, such as meditative atmospheres and the physical act of painting. It is a way for her to communicate, to make visible that which is intrinsically invisible. A way to react and interact with the world. The physical act of painting and the intangible sphere of the mind meet each other in the void of the canvas which she pulls forward and slumbers back beneath its surface. 

These conflicting and hard-to-grasp concepts are what make the work so compelling. Usually, Thora’s work gains a sense of diffusion, related to the work of Mark Rothko. Painted marks seem to float out off and recede back into the canvas. The image appears as if floating underwater or in the air. Recently though, the physical elements of the canvas are used and enhanced to make the physicality of the work more apparent. The coincidence of the paint itself, which was up until now so prominent in her work, has taken a backseat to allow the actual carrier of the painting to speak its story through its intuitive materiality. 

Each painting is a fight with the void. Without humanity’s interference, the word of meaning would remain empty. Thora pulls the painting’s humanity from its depths, only for it to start to fade away again. Only now, the non-empty voids are stitched together and touched by an actual human presence. 

Ines’ work has been shown extensively in Belgium, with exhibitions in Brussels, Aalst, Knokke, and Leuven. Recently, she has been signed to the new OBSIDIAN art gallery with her premier exhibition at the space.

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