A free Breathwork & Meditation Session

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A free Breathwork & Meditation Session

Discover the power of breath to relieve stress, ease anxiety and calm your mind

By Art of Living Leuven

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November 13, 2022 · 10am - March 26 · 11:15am CET


STUDIO ZUID LEUVEN yoga/pilates/dans 45 Frederik Lintsstraat 3000 Leuven Belgium

About this event

Discover the power of your breath to relieve stress, ease anxiety and calm your mind in a free and interactive session.

About this event: 75 minutes Personalised Session

Inteact with our Breath Meditation Expert. Get the chance to pause, take a breath and clear your mind with the help of a calming breathing technique and a guided meditation.

100% Free and in-person session

In this free intro session, you’ll learn all about the Sudarshan KriyaTM, which has inspired millions. You’ll also learn about the tendencies of the mind, and experience a unique guided meditation.

41 years of Experience

Learn from the pioneers of breath meditation techniques. Our experienced Art of Living instructors have helped us reach over 40 million individuals across 180 countries with the Sudarshan Kriya.

The Sudarshan KriyaTM is an effective and powerful breath-meditation practice. It’s an empowering technique that works like a natural instant stress reliever. Over 3 days, you’ll learn to use the specific rhythms of your breathing to help calm your mind and find a state of effortless meditation.

With a 20-minute daily practice from home, you can start every day feeling stress-free, with clarity and vibrance!

What you will get from our Free Introductory Session

Our introductory session offers you a well deserved 75- minute. You will clear your mind through calming breathing and guided meditation.

Discover more about the SKY breath & Meditation

Get answers to your questions about how our signature breath-meditation technique works. Then you’ll understand why people at NASA and Google make use of it as well!

Learn how your mind may be stunting your personal growth

Your mind shapes your reality and sometimes, it gets a little foggy up in there. We’ll demystify the secrets to overcome negative thoughts that may be holding you back from your full potential.

Try out a calming breathing technique

Experience the power of consciously harnessing your breath. You’ll have the chance to learn a new breathing technique, preparing you for deep meditation.

Experience a unique guided meditation

Enjoy this “bubble bath for your mind” and soak into a deep state of relaxation. Whether you’re new to meditation or experienced, you’ll see just how quickly you can let go to meditate.

Backed by 100+ independent studies in peer-reviewed journals

Over 100 peer-reviewed studies across 4 continents have been published about the Sudarshan KriyaTM, our signature breath-meditation technique.

From the UK to the US and beyond, the Sudarshan KriyaTM is bringing peace to millions across the world!

Research at Yale showed that the Sudarshan KriyaTM had higher positive results on student well-being than Cognitive Behavioral Interventions (CBT) and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Improvements were found in stress levels, sleep, mental health, positive emotions and social connection.

Sudarshan Kriya at Yale University, USA

Watch how Yale students benefit from this powerful breath meditation practice!

Out of 3 programmes including Foundations of Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and the Sudarshan KriyaTM, the Sudarshan KriyaTM showed the greatest impact benefiting six outcomes: depression, stress, mental health, mindfulness, positive affect, and social connectedness.

In a study conducted at the University of Arizona, Sudarshan Kriya was compared to a workshop that taught more conventional strategies for stress-management. Both workshops were rated similarly by participants. However, Sudarshan Kriya was more beneficial in terms of immediate impact on stress, mood, and conscientiousness, and these effects were even stronger when measured three months later. In a state of intense stress, the part of our brain responsible for rational thinking is impaired, so rationalisation seldom helps to regain control. But with breathing techniques, it is possible to gain some mastery over your mind.

One breath at a time, we’re making this world a better place ✌🏻✌🏼✌🏽✌🏾✌🏿

We’re the pioneers of breath-meditation techniques, and over the last 41 years, we’ve helped 40 million people across 180 countries breathe better to live better.

The Art of Living is the largest volunteer-based non-profit organisation in the world.

It was founded in 1981 by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a world-renowned spiritual master, humanitarian and peace-maker.

In addition – by participating in our courses, you are doing your part to uplift humanity towards peace across the globe.

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