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Niflheim Promotions VZW - NNC

No Name Collective is a young platform for alternative rock music. Founded by people who live for music, NNC promotes and supports both local and unknown bands and big international acts alike by offering very unique and accessible concert possibilities. We do not want to just offer gigs, we want to offer experiences! We want to see every venue in Ghent and Flanders filled with passionate people, every speaker on the verge of bursting, every stage filled with musicians doing what they enjoy most. No Name Collective is not affiliated to one specific organization or venue. We do not have just one name or face, but try to support our brothers and sisters from other musical organizations where we can by sharing our network and matching bands looking to play with the perfect venue for them. We aim to be a catalyst, a turntable in bringing the flourishing Ghentian and Flemish alternative music scene even closer together. Are you a passionate fan of Post Rock, Stoner, Hard Rock and so on? Check our page and events for the unique shows and venues we have to offer. Are you a musician or band looking for a stage and audience perfectly matching the atmosphere of your music? Contact us and we will set it up. Are you a venue or organization looking for an expansion of your activities and clientele? We would be happy to work with you and enrich each other! contact:

No Name Collective is a subdivision of NIFLHEIM PROMOTIONS VZW as a general promotor of intense music. Where their other concept NATURMYSTIKK focuses on a wide spectrum of Black and Doom Metal and EVE OF GRIEF on acoustics, No Name Collective offers the best of local and international Stoner Rock/Metal, Post Rock, Math Rock, Psychedelic Rock and so forth. Notwithstanding, we see ourselves as a partner of all organisations in the Flemish Rock and Metal scene.