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EPITECH Brussels

Epitech, an IT school created in the 90’s - founding period of the digital revolution

The speed of changes in technology is such that one must learn to learn. And for this, nothing is more effective than the project-based learning method. Students rely on the carefully planned succession of projects devised by Epitech and on each other to acquire solid technical skills under the supervision of the teaching staff. The result is a community of passionate IT specialists and innovators in the making.

Epitech's { programs }

The project-based method, which we have been perfecting since 1999, is the ideal educational frame in which each student can reach his or her potential. To adapt to each student’s specificities and aspirations, Epitech is developing multiple programs with open and practical learning as its core principle:

-  For post-secondary students, the 5-year higher education program:

- The Coding Academy program is aimed at those who are changing careers or who want to gain initial experience in IT: