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Diana-Elena Mogosanu

I am a person who’s always looking for a continuous personal development. Life in itself is an opportunity for growth.

As an engineer and PhD in biomedical engineering, I have developed a very analytic, organized mind that helps me to analyze and process data of any kind. So far I sound like a robot J, but actually it is my journey in science that made me aware and amazed of the complexity of life in general. And by life I mean: the human body, the mind, the thoughts behind our actions, the interpersonal interactions, etc. So my self-discovery journey started in 2011 (and is still ongoing, of course) when I also started going to personal development courses.

Since then I became a certified Life Coach, Theta Healing therapist and meditation devotee, developing also my creative and intuitive mind. I have found amazing ways to eliminate and cope with stress, anxiety, and other emotions that are so powerfully disadvantageous to all of us. One of these ways is Laughter Yoga. The advantages and possibilities of growing with Laughter Yoga are amazing: from great health benefits to improving own relationships, and of course the joyous feeling you have after a Laughter session.

I would like to share the joy of life and I would love for people to see that they can be happy without necessarily having an external reason, without waiting for someone or something else to make them feel good.

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