Anne Konings ┊Systemisch Coach & Embodiment Scribe

Anne Konings has over a decade of experience as a Systemic Coach, Facilitator & Consultant for Professionals, Teams & Organisations.

Explicitit & Implicit.

She combines this experience with over 15 years of experience in

  • HR, People & Change, Re- Organisations
  • SME's and International Organisations
  • in a variety of sectors: Retail, Public, Textile, Aviation, Expedition, Insurances, NGO's, Chamber of Commerce, Unions, ...

Contexts: Health & Safety, IT, Business Analytics & Information, HR, Management, ...

Systemic Projects:

  • Online Sessions Systemic & Organisational Constellations
  • Introduction in Systemic Work for Leadership
  • Facilitation of Teams (Corporate, BU, ...)
  • Systemic RoleClarifiation & Responsibilities
  • LeadershipCoaching

"Sparking the memory of what had been forgotten and essential to be Re-Membered. So life energy and potential can flow for Professionals, Teams & Organisations."