VSC Industry Road Tour - HPC meets health

VSC Industry Road Tour - HPC meets health

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Wintertuin, UHasselt, Campus Diepenbeek


3590 Diepenbeek


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VSC Industry Road Tour: HPC meets Health - a collaboration between uHasselt Data Science Institute, BioVille and Van Havermaet Medici.

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As the volume of data available to the health industry grows, so do the opportunities to make ground-breaking medical discoveries and introduce transformational value for patients. Supercomputing has already demonstrated its added value, across the health spectrum from prevention to early diagnosis to finding the best-tailored treatment options and restoring health.

As part of the VSC Industry Road Tour, The Flemish Supercomputer Center (VSC - Vlaams Supercomputer Centrum) organizes a live networking session themed around health.

The network session will take place on June 27th 2022 at Campus Diepenbeek.

During the session, Tine Lewi (Janssen R&D) and Liesbet Peeters (UHasselt) will illustrate, via inspiring use cases, how supercomputing can/will play an increasingly important role to accomplish the digital transformation in the healthcare industry.


18h00 - 18h30: Reception

18h30 - 18h45: Welcome - intro VSC/DSI/Bioville/Health Campus Limburg/Van Havermaet Medici

18h45 -19h15: Tine Lewi, PhD, MBA, Janssen R&D Christos Chatzichristos, KU Leuven/ESAT

‘Optimizing patient care and clinical research through FAIR data and privacy-preserving insights’

*‘ Project ATHENA - Augmenting THerapeutic Effectiveness through Novel Analytics’

* ‘Federated learning for healthcare applications and the role of high-performance computing’

19h15 – 19h45: Liesbet Peeters, Prof. dr. ir., UHasselt

‘High-Computing, Big Data, and AI to transform the care of people with multiple sclerosis'

19h45-21h00: Walking dinner

21h00: End

About Christos Chatzichristos

Christos is a Postdoctoral Researcher affiliated with Clinical Research and Innovation, Janssen Pharmaceutica, as well as with the department of Electrical Engineering (ESAT) of KUL, Leuven. He gained his PhD in 2019 from Un. of Athens and was awarded a Marie Curie Skolodowska fellowship for the completion of his PhD research. Christos obtained a MSc in Biomedical Engineering from KUL, and a Diploma in Electrical and Computer engineering from AUTH.

About Tine Lewi:

Tine is Scientific Director within Janssen R&D / Clinical Innovation. She has led strategic data science projects for the past 15 years and currently leads initiatives in the area of augmented RWD, digital health, and non-conventional trial models. Tine has a background in medical informatics and applied economics. She completed a Ph.D. degree developing novel risk-based communication approaches for disease interception.

About Bio Liesbet Peeters:

Liesbet dreams of a world where one day every single person gets the treatment they deserve promptly. She is convinced that we have to supercharge our healthcare system with insights gained from Big Data. Her research focuses on developing big data sharing procedures and artificial intelligence algorithms with a specific focus on real-world evidence. She is an assistant professor (tenure) at the Biomedical Research Institute and Data Science Institute of Hasselt University. In 2013, she finished her Ph.D. in Bio-Engineering Sciences at the KULeuven in Belgium. She is a member of the ELIXIR community focussing on constructing a sustainable infrastructure for the sharing of biological information throughout Europe. She heavily invests in increased community engagement and communication between stakeholders. For example, she is the chair of the MS Data Alliance initiative. Through the MS Data Alliance Academy activities, she aims for increased awareness about the value of real-world data, community building, and promoting trustworthy and transparent practices. Next to this, as a core group member of the “Data Saves Lives” initiative, she is involved in setting up a large-scale multi-stakeholder awareness-raising campaign on health data in Europe.

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