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The European Pillar of Social Rights, social housing and the fight against homelessness: discussion on the future EU action plan

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Jorge Valero, Editor 'Economy and Jobs' at Euractiv


Kim van Sparrentak, Member of the European Parliament, the Greens

Dominique Bé, Disability & Inclusion, DG EMPL, European Commission

Council of Europe Development Bank Representative

Susanne Bauer, Chair of Eurocities WG on Housing


Freek Spinnewijn, Director of FEANTSA

Sorcha Edwards, Secretary-General of Housing Europe 

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#Housing2030 is an initiative of Housing Europe, UNECE and UN-Habitat.

It aims to shows how policy makers can improve affordable housing outcomes and at the same time play a constructive role in addressing ongoing climate change and stimulate the social and economic recovery now demanded by the pandemic.

#Housing2030 also provides a ‘tool kit’ rather than a universal ‘blueprint’, to respond to the different and changing demands of member states and regions.

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