Coudenberg Sound Box Fest 2022

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Coudenberg Sound Box Fest 2022

Coudenberg Sound Box Festival is back with three double concerts on the 4th, 11th and 18th of December!

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Brussel Place Royale 10 1000 Bruxelles Belgium

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Coudenberg Sound Box Fest is back! Three live concerts, under the direction of curator Matteo Gemolo, are intended to be itinerant, allowing the audience to explore the rich acoustic variety of the different rooms that make up the underground route of the Palais du Coudenberg and, at the same time, to visit the whole of these spaces steeped in history.

From ancient music of the 14th century to contemporary compositions, passing through baroque, jazz, folk and electronic music, the subtle and invisible links between these different styles will be revealed by internationally renowned musicians.


11.12 at 18:30:

NOXWODE: Conor Gricmanis - baroque violin / Miriam Nohl - baroque cello / Lisa Kokwenda Schweiger - harpsichord

Sonata No.1 in D minor for Violin - Jacquet de La Guerre

Sonata in C major for Gamba - Marin Marais

Sonata Duodecima for violin - Isabella Leonarda


TWO ENVELOPES: Lisa Kokwenda Schweiger - harpsichord / Jacob Vanneste - percussions

Nichts als Trennung - Jesse Broekman

4 Klangstudien - Frederik Neyrinck

The song that wants to soar - Liliia Iskhakova

Lynched Franky, Franky's Funeral - Julia Emmery

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