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REFLECT Final Conference

Redefining fluid properties at extreme conditions to optimise future geothermal energy extraction

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bcc Berlin Congress Center GmbH Alexanderstraße 11 10178 Berlin Germany

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The REFLECT project will present the main results of its research on geothermal fluid properties at the Final Conference organised on 19 October 2022 as a side-event of the European Geothermal Congress 2022 in Berlin, Germany.

The one problem plaguing almost all deep geothermal operations in the world is related to the chemistry of geothermal fluids. In order to maximise both, the operational efficiency and economic returns of geothermal power plants, it is vital that these systems work well for long periods without requiring significant maintenance. The key to this is preventing or controlling deleterious physical and chemical reactions such as degassing and mineral precipitation that result in corrosion and scaling.

The Horizon2020 REFLECT project, funded by the European Commission, addresses the challenge of determining geothermal fluid properties at in-situ geothermal conditions, i.e., extremely hot or extremely saline fluids. The project has acquired new chemical, physical and microbiological data from sampling of natural fluids and new thermodynamic and kinetic reaction data from experiments in the lab. These data were implemented in predictive models to determine fluid reactions at extreme conditions, and into a comprehensive European Fluid Atlas. REFLECT researchers have also developed a downhole sampler for high-temperature geothermal wells.

The results presented during the Final Conference will enable operators to significantly increase technology performance and reduce maintenance costs or downtimes and, thus, reduce operational costs and increase the number of economically viable geothermal projects.


As the REFLECT Final Conference is organised as a side-event of the European Geothermal Congress, you will need to hold a European Geothermal Congress pass for 19 October 2022 if you are from the geothermal sector to enter the congress building. You can find more information on the registration and different passes for the European Geothermal Congress 2022 at this link. If you are not from the geothermal sector, you will be allowed to enter the building for attending the Final Conference without the need of having a European Geothermal Congress pass, as the non-geothermal participants will be included in a guest list.


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