i story, you story, we story

i story, you story, we story

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i story, you story, we story

Excerpts from the working process of the drama project led by Radouan Mriziga.

Butterfly: “2024, 32 years old, 2041, 49 years old, 2068, 76 years old. 2070, 78 years old. 2092, 100 years old. 2103, no.”

Daffodil: “We found the remains, but got lost in its form.”

Ocean: “Windbreaking, windbreathing, windscreaming, moving you from here to there and freeze there to here.”

Electricity: “It’s hard not to take it personally every time we meet. Every four to five times.”

Loulou throws up

Lion: “If only we could all be moved.”

They are all moving in space with Bleu. Loulou throws up again.

Losing and finding rhythm makes you deconstruct and rethink history while breathing through body parts(?)


Melody Van Gompel, Sophie Anna Veelenturf, Emma Van Ammel, Alicia Andries, Lise Bolikowski, Radouan Mriziga and Loulou


Melody Van Gompel

Language: English

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