BRICKS International Youth Exchange Project

BRICKS International Youth Exchange Project

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A project dedicated to young European citizens interested in sharing perspectives about actual key themes relevant for their future

About this event

Are you interested in European Union’s future? Do you want to participate in an international experience?

Join us in the next Bricks International Youth Exchange Project!

Bricks Made of Words: building Europe again through dialogue is a project dedicated to young European citizens interested in sharing knowledge and perspectives about actual key themes relevant for their future, as well as for the European Union’s future.

The project will bring together young people from different European countries in 6 events held in Italy, Republic of Serbia, Romania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Greece and Belgium.

During these events (all costs covered for participants) youngsters will be involved in debates, workshops, visits and opinion exchanges and will experiment innovative ways of debate and knowledge sharing (storytelling, augmented reality, Lego gaming…).

Starting from knowing EU history and values, EU bodies and their functioning, participants will develop critical thinking on sensitive matters, debating and exchanging their thoughts with peers from other EU Countries. Finally, a document containing all their ideas and recommendation will be developed to be presented to the EU policy makers during the last event in Brussels.

Join us in the next exchanges!

  • Cavigria, Italy 20th-23rd September 2022
  • Belgrade, Serbia 11th-14th October 2022
  • Arad, Romania 14th-18th Novembre 2022


You can not miss the opportunity to participate in “Bricks made of words” project if you are:

  • Interested in traveling to 6 European countries.
  • Concerned about the future of Europe and the role that young people will play in it.
  • Willing to know more about the European Union, how it works and which are the policies it promotes.
  • Involved in sharing ideas and suggestions among young people to improve the management of key issues as civil rights, environment and migration, at local, national and EU levels.
  • Curious about experimenting innovative ways to gather knowledge.
  • Willing in having your say to EU institutions, co-designing recommendations to be presented in Brussels during the last mobility.


  • Aged 18 - 24 years old
  • Belgium resident
  • Fluent in English
  • Interested in participating in an intercultural and international project

Join us in this life-changing experience!

Once you sign up on the Eventbrite form, you will receive an email with a form to fill in. IMPORTANT: It is compulsory to fill in the form in order to participate in the Youth Exchange. After the registration, we will ask you to send us your CV and motivation letter.

Do you have any questions?

You can find out more about the project on the website:

The project is co-founded by the Europe for Citizens Program of the European Union


We are a non-profit organisation based in Brussels (Belgium) and our mission is to facilitate and promote research, cooperation and development activities within the EU and between Europe and other regions worldwide.

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