ATELIER - Decarbonising Supply Chains: Sector Engagement

ATELIER - Decarbonising Supply Chains: Sector Engagement

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This is the second of a three-part Atelier series on “Engaging with Key Stakeholders across Value chains to Accelerate Decarbonisation ”.

Decarbonisation, net-zero or carbon neutrality - numerous concepts describe business efforts to reduce emissions in support of the Paris Agreement’s target to achieve carbon neutral by 2050.

In their journey companies face different challenges:

  • For many businesses the majority of emissions are so-called Scope 3 emissions, indirect emissions that are located in an organisation’s value chains chain.
  • Increasing requirements and expectations for businesses to reduce emissions and a broad landscape of initiatives and approaches to meet these.
  • Different maturities along supply chains and the need for new solutions.
  • Global supply chains spanning different actors and industries

The purpose of this atelier is to:

  • Connect key stakeholders and nurture closer interaction across industries
  • Take stock of the status quo, discuss challenges & potential solutions
  • Share experiences and best practices, success stories and learnings

Through this Atelier the participating companies will be able to analyse the management of Scope 3 emissions and get exposed to innovative approaches to supplier engagement on decarbonization.


  • Get an in-depth learning experience in a closed environment and in exchange with peers.
  • Explore the role of sector associations in engaging value chains for decarbonisation.
  • Discuss opportunities and limitations of these initiatives and how an ideal engagement model could look like.


  • Procurement, sustainability/CSR, climate business experts (engaged in supply chain emission mapping and reduction efforts).
  • Company practitioners that want to develop a deeper understanding and skills related to climate protection, especially through exchange with peers.
  • Company practitioners that seek to engage in cross-sector initiatives and look for collaborative solutions.


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